Me, definitely not eating a burrito

I am a writer for Cosmopolitan magazine. I also enjoy eating burritos. But not all the time. Look! There’s me, in the photo, not anywhere NEAR a burrito! But even more than burritos, I love pizza. I have been eating it for too many years to blog about it. But here is my list of recommendations for those of you who know I know. And I DO know.

Best Takeaway Pizza: Papa John’s. Don’t forget your honey and mustard and pizza sauce dips. The garlic dip that comes with it should be used sparingly, on crusts.

Best Frozen Pizza: Dr Oetker Chicken and Spinach. Recently, the news arrived that it’s the best-selling frozen pizza in Italy. I was RIGHT ALL ALONG.

Best Refrigerated Pizza: Waitrose own brand are really nice, especially the goat’s cheese and caramelised onion. Not so much since they got rid of the balsamic dressing you used to get with it to drizzle on top, but beggars can’t be choosers. They’re about a fiver each, but delicious.

Best Restaurant Pizza (London): Pizza East, Shoreditch, for a swanky hipster steel and brick interior and very nice toppings. Careful of the sneaky white pizzas, which don’t have tomato sauce, but don’t make it explicit enough on the menu for thickies like me (they just leave off the word ‘tomato’). And Santa Margharita, Ealing (Time Out’s Best London Pizza 2010) for a cosy setting (i.e. you’ll wait an hour for a table), great prices, and immaculate dough. Ditto on the white pizza thing.

Best homecooked pizza: Mine, of course. Don’t be silly.


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  1. Posted by kaiser on August 22, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    i love you


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