How it all began…

In June 2011, I was sent to New York for work. I know: I am impossibly glamorous. Actually, it was quite hard work. And very hot. Oh, so hot. But on my visit, I met a New Yorker who advised to me visit Chipotle. The first thing I learnt, is that ‘Chipotle’ is pronounced ‘Chip-oat-lay.’ I’d been asking for ‘Chip-ottle’ sauce on my Subway sandwiches for years. How embarrassing.

The second thing I learnt is that Chipotle is an American burrito chain which serves the best burritos in the whole wide world ever. They are fat and juicy and delicious with the perfect balance of lime and coriander (or ‘cilantro’ as they call it in NY – I am such a fat learner*) rice, black beans, salsa, cheese, lettuce, meat and sour cream. It was amazing. And even though I was working VERY HARD (oh, so hard), I managed to go back twice in five days.

But then, I came home. And I was sad. I was sad because I couldn’t wander the searingly hot streets of New York for hours, getting lost and sweaty and fed up, and be rewarded with a lovely Chipotle burrito at the end of it. So I decided to find a burrito as good as Chipotle’s finest right here, in London.

I didn’t think it would be difficult. London is FULL of burritos! But then I found out that yes, actually it is difficult. A lot of burritos in London are dry or expensive or tasteless or sloppy. Which is when I decided to write this blog. There are loads of burrito blogs, all over the place, a lot like this one. But they aren’t this exact one. And maybe this one is the one you’ve been looking for, which describes everything in excruciating, long-winded detail that helps you work up a lovely appetite.

I’m so thoughtful.

As I started this as an experiment in being a) greedy and b) too lazy to cook most nights, the early entries are a bit vague. But for consistency, and because I’m set in my ways, the basic burrito is the same throughout: chicken (not beef or pork), black beans (not refried beans), cheese, medium-heat salsa, sour cream and rice.

I’ve also rated my mood before eating each burrito because I think if you’re all happy and smily and eat a bad burrito you tend to give it the benefit of the doubt, and vice versa. In the interests of fairness, you can see whether I was in the mood for burrito love or not and judge my rating accordingly.

The only element some readers might get snitty about (not that I’m calling you snitty: I’m sure you’re lovely) is that I don’t like guacamole. People can be evangelical about this gross green goop, and it seems to be able to make or break a burrito. So if you need to know whether the ‘guac’ (seriously, who gets that familiar with mashed avacado?) is good or not, this blog is no good for you. I don’t like it, it usually costs about 75p extra, and I couldn’t tell you what makes good goop and bad goop anyway. It’s all just ‘urgh’.

Anyway. That’s what happened and those are the rules. Here we go.

*This should say ‘fast’, but I think the typo is wholly appropriate, so it’s staying.


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